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The Human Experience: 9 Parts of Desire

While reading Heather Roffo’s “9 Parts of Desire” I was struck by how intimate and detailed each monologue/character was and the depth of the emotional response each provoke. Even though I was aware that the characters (and the play itself) are dramatized, fictional composites of the many testimonies of Iraqi women, the narratives still ignited…

A Reflection on PC Culture and Class Discussions

By: Kate Kasica Political correctness refers to using language that society has deemed acceptable or non-offensive and is usually used when talking about controversial topics. Its nickname, PC, is often used as a jab when people are said to be overly sensitive or unable to take a joke. I have often heard it when my…

More Than Just Vegetables

By Reina Ackerberg High on the Hog – How African American Cuisine Transformed America, written by Jessica B. Harris, starring Stephan Satterfield, and directed by Tony Walsh, works to tell the story of many different African American dishes that have now come to establish American food. This documentary works to highlight innovative aspects of past…

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