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Social Justice Warrior: A Phrase Misused by Blake Boys

By Savita Champlin “Social Justice Warrior.” A term that at first glance seems like a compliment. But, people now use this term to mock someone with firm socially progressive views or someone who is only a progressive activist for the public eye. While I agree that yes, people who are activists only for the attentionContinue reading “Social Justice Warrior: A Phrase Misused by Blake Boys”

Systems of Oppression and Suppressed Social Identities

By Eli Daniel Whether we realize it or not, people are often assigned multiple social identities, which can not be changed. Within these identities, there is a hierarchy portrayed through the social status of both dominant and non-dominant groups. Furthermore, these groups’ dominant members can favor those deemed “normal” within that specific group and oppressContinue reading “Systems of Oppression and Suppressed Social Identities”

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