Illuminating the Unseen: Bringing Awareness to War-Rape and Survivors

By: Georgia Pettygrove In Ruined‘s introduction, Kate Whoriskey describes how “[theater] has an incredible capacity for illuminating the unseen, reshaping history, bringing out empathy and providing social commentary.” As the Second Congo Civil War continued in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lynn Nottage traveled to East Africa to write Ruined and, in the process,Continue reading “Illuminating the Unseen: Bringing Awareness to War-Rape and Survivors”

Deception and Denial: David’s Battle for Self-Acceptance

By: Georgia Pettygrove “For I am – or I was – one of those people who pride themselves on their willpower, on their ability to make a decision and carry it through. This virtue, like most virtues, is ambiguity itself. People who believe that they are strong-willed and the masters of their destiny can onlyContinue reading “Deception and Denial: David’s Battle for Self-Acceptance”