The Human Experience: 9 Parts of Desire

While reading Heather Roffo’s “9 Parts of Desire” I was struck by how intimate and detailed each monologue/character was and the depth of the emotional response each provoke. Even though I was aware that the characters (and the play itself) are dramatized, fictional composites of the many testimonies of Iraqi women, the narratives still ignitedContinue reading “The Human Experience: 9 Parts of Desire”

A Reflection on PC Culture and Class Discussions

By: Kate Kasica Political correctness refers to using language that society has deemed acceptable or non-offensive and is usually used when talking about controversial topics. Its nickname, PC, is often used as a jab when people are said to be overly sensitive or unable to take a joke. I have often heard it when myContinue reading “A Reflection on PC Culture and Class Discussions”