What Two-Spirit Means To Native Americans

The term Two-Spirit has an inherent binary of male/female. And although these gender binaries can do harm, as they are more or less a generalization of a large group of individuals, for some Native Americans, that term is empowering. In the video linked in this blog post, we can see how empowering the term Two-SpiritContinue reading “What Two-Spirit Means To Native Americans”

“The Yellow Wallpaper”: A Look At Hysteria & Female Domestication

I remember when I first read “The Yellow Wallpaper”. It was in my American Literature class with Mr. Barry in 10th grade. I understood that it was a feminist piece, one that pointed out the domestication of women and subjugation to their male counterparts in history. I recall being terrified when I went to bedContinue reading ““The Yellow Wallpaper”: A Look At Hysteria & Female Domestication”

Why We Need Gender Labels

Rebecca Reilly-Cooper writes, “The solution to an oppressive system that puts people into pink and blue boxes is not to create more and more boxes that are any colour but blue or pink. The solution is to tear down the boxes altogether.” Many people like to think that a world without gender, or gender labels,Continue reading “Why We Need Gender Labels”