No, My favorite color is not pink

By Zoe Feldshon Do you ever wonder who you would be if you weren’t raised with the constant connotation that you are a boy or girl and nothing in between? I remember when I was younger and my room having pink walls, pink bedding, and a pink dresser. I grew up in a family ofContinue reading “No, My favorite color is not pink”

Internalized Homophobia isn’t Past Us

As we wrapped up James’ Baldwins novel, Giovanni’s room, a thematic question continuously came up that made me wonder. As the novel is placed in 1950’s Paris, we as the reader see consistent instances of David’s internalized homophobia with the ’50s societal norms. They appear as he begins to feel emotion towards Giovanni as wellContinue reading “Internalized Homophobia isn’t Past Us”

Nature vs Nurture: What Do Parents Think?

Last week in class we had a long conversation about Hanif Kureishi’s “My Son the Fanatic” and what it shows about religion and parenting. The first time reading through the story we read about a boy, Ali, who begins to show a difference in attitude. His father, Parvez, was curious as to why these changesContinue reading “Nature vs Nurture: What Do Parents Think?”