Segregation vs Assimilation: Two Sides of a Bad Coin

by: Anika Hahn In the short story “My Son the Fanatic” by Hanif Kureishi, part of the family assimilates and another part overly separates, depriving the London community of diversity and evolution of culture. Parvez and his wife are from Lahore, a city in Pakistan, meaning that the family has a darker complexion than theContinue reading “Segregation vs Assimilation: Two Sides of a Bad Coin”

The Positive Side of Gender Archetypes

by Anika Hahn What is gender archetype? Loosely defined by Carolyn Zerbe Enns, the gender archetype revolves around the “alpha-beta” model. The male archetype is “alpha”; the “ideal” man is dominant, masculine, and powerful, according to Enns. The female archetype is “beta”; the “ideal” woman is feminine, dainty, and submissive. By applying the “alpha-beta” modelContinue reading “The Positive Side of Gender Archetypes”