Voting Between Healthy and Toxic Masculinity

by: Aksel Reid

After reading a NPR article titled “Trump has Weaponized Masculinity as President. Here’s Why it Matters” by Danielle Kurtzleben, the differences between healthy masculinity and toxic masculinity are made abundantly clear. Trump asserts his masculinity by demeaning and insulting others and giving them rude nicknames like “Crying Chuck Schumer” or “Crazy Nancy Pelosi.” The demeaning nature of his comments and actions is what gives masculinity the perception of being toxic.

A healthier version of masculinity is presented in Biden’s ability to show empathy and emotion especially with younger children. Although some see his actions as feminine or weak, showing empathy and compassion is not weak, it is incredibly important in building relationships with others. Others see his caring nature as creepy because sometimes when an old man hugs a young boy, it is not done in an act of kindness and rather in a more predatory manner. However, if people actually understand the context in which Biden shows his kindness, it is clear that it is not “creepy.”

Showing empathy and compassion while maintaining a confident demeanor is a healthy version of masculinity that Biden exemplifies very well.

For the 18 year olds reading this, understand that you are not only voting on policies, you are voting on what sort of masculinity is presented to the young children looking up to the president.

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