Straight Men Are So Gay!

By Frederick Loew After reading Tom Maude-Griffin’s 2013 senior speech, “Balls, Balls, and More Balls!” I was left with not only a lasting impression of the hilarity of his speech, but also a deep feeling of connection with his words. His message was something I had been trying to put into words for years, “theContinue reading “Straight Men Are So Gay!”

From Courtier to Modern Man: Snapshots of Gender Roles throughout Time

By Daria Haner We can all agree that Western gender roles have changed vastly from generation to generation– from the proper Victorian lady of the house, to the stereotypical 1950s housewife, to the working woman today. However, I would like to explore how masculinity has developed over the generations, specifically in Europe and the UnitedContinue reading “From Courtier to Modern Man: Snapshots of Gender Roles throughout Time”

Redefining Masculinity- are you brave enough?

by Ella Deignan The social stigma of men’s masculinity, created and upheld by lockerroom talk, paternal pressures (mental+physical abuse), and women’s dependency on men leave many men with little space, internally and externally, to show vulnerability. In The Atlantic’s The Miseducation of American Boys, Peggy Orenstein writes on multiple factors that lead to boys definingContinue reading “Redefining Masculinity- are you brave enough?”

Voting Between Healthy and Toxic Masculinity

by: Aksel Reid After reading a NPR article titled “Trump has Weaponized Masculinity as President. Here’s Why it Matters” by Danielle Kurtzleben, the differences between healthy masculinity and toxic masculinity are made abundantly clear. Trump asserts his masculinity by demeaning and insulting others and giving them rude nicknames like “Crying Chuck Schumer” or “Crazy NancyContinue reading “Voting Between Healthy and Toxic Masculinity”

Rising Like Smoke: Middle School Masculinity in Mali’s Poetry

By Nora Cornell • October 8, 2020 I believe Taylor Mali’s “Tony Steinberg” poem is an ode to middle school masculinity at its best. A strange topic, to be sure, and perhaps not Mali’s intended one, but “Brave Seventh-Grade Viking Warrior” exudes the earnest and near-excessive energy characteristic of a healthy and encouraging middle schoolContinue reading “Rising Like Smoke: Middle School Masculinity in Mali’s Poetry”

Bring Down the Cockrel: How to Dismantle Toxic Masculinity?

The Hahn/Cock by Katharina Fritsch in Trafalgar Square in London, among statues of prominent men in English history. By Taggert Smith September 14, 2020 In our class discussion of the shared terminology we will be using in this course, among concepts like feminism and the patriarchy, the term “toxic masculinity,” with its various associations andContinue reading “Bring Down the Cockrel: How to Dismantle Toxic Masculinity?”