Tommy Pico and the Kumeyaay Nation: A Brief Historical and Cultural Context

While reading Homegoing, I found myself repeatedly feeling like something was missing from my understanding of the book. It was difficult to answer questions concerning homophobic  culture in Ghana versus Britain when I didn’t have any initial cultural background about Asante and Fante culture, geography, language, and dynamics. While in class, I watched as weContinue reading “Tommy Pico and the Kumeyaay Nation: A Brief Historical and Cultural Context”

The Visual Delight of Poetry

By Nora Cornell • December 1, 202 Danez Smith is a poet who understands aesthetics. All poets do, on some level –poetry is built on descriptions and images, using “created beauty” to translate ideas. But Smith takes it to a new level, especially in their written work. Poems in both Homie and Don’t Call UsContinue reading “The Visual Delight of Poetry”

Rising Like Smoke: Middle School Masculinity in Mali’s Poetry

By Nora Cornell • October 8, 2020 I believe Taylor Mali’s “Tony Steinberg” poem is an ode to middle school masculinity at its best. A strange topic, to be sure, and perhaps not Mali’s intended one, but “Brave Seventh-Grade Viking Warrior” exudes the earnest and near-excessive energy characteristic of a healthy and encouraging middle schoolContinue reading “Rising Like Smoke: Middle School Masculinity in Mali’s Poetry”