Tommy Pico and the Kumeyaay Nation: A Brief Historical and Cultural Context

While reading Homegoing, I found myself repeatedly feeling like something was missing from my understanding of the book. It was difficult to answer questions concerning homophobic  culture in Ghana versus Britain when I didn’t have any initial cultural background about Asante and Fante culture, geography, language, and dynamics. While in class, I watched as weContinue reading “Tommy Pico and the Kumeyaay Nation: A Brief Historical and Cultural Context”

Class and Gender: A Nuanced Intersection

by: Daria Haner When we speak about gender norms, we tend to do so through the context of our own lives or through those we are exposed to in the literature we read. However, we must understand that the intersectionality of class and gender plays a huge role in gender roles and what is expectedContinue reading “Class and Gender: A Nuanced Intersection”

Using Indigenous Voices and Changing the Historical Narrative

By Samrat Pradhan When I think about my school education on Native Americans, they generally followed a very similar narrative. There is first a quick and broad generalization on how indigenous communities lived post-Columbus and then a general timeline of specific trade agreements, treaties, and battles with Western colonizers. This oversimplification is problematic in manyContinue reading “Using Indigenous Voices and Changing the Historical Narrative”