Beyonce’s Journey to Feminism and Womanhood Through Lemonade

by Savita ChamplinBeyonce has been a figure in society for many years. She became famous in her Destiny’s Child days and remained a star, but she was only known for being a talented singer and dancer with little depth to her character. Almost 20 years after this, she released the film Lemonade. This is whenContinue reading “Beyonce’s Journey to Feminism and Womanhood Through Lemonade”

Class and Gender: A Nuanced Intersection

by: Daria Haner When we speak about gender norms, we tend to do so through the context of our own lives or through those we are exposed to in the literature we read. However, we must understand that the intersectionality of class and gender plays a huge role in gender roles and what is expectedContinue reading “Class and Gender: A Nuanced Intersection”

Lysistrata and Fighting For Our Voices

By Samrat Pradhan Today in class, our reading circle group read the play Lysistrata out loud. Written in 411 BCE, the play follows Greek women who are fed up with the senseless destruction caused by the Peloponnesian War. To get the Greek men to end the war, the women stage a strike to stop havingContinue reading “Lysistrata and Fighting For Our Voices”

How Gender Impacts a Woman’s Time Incarcerated

Roughly 213,000 women and girls and roughly 2 million men and boys are imprisoned in the US. During their incarceration, women often have a very different experience than men do. This is due to a number of factors, most of which stem from their roles as mothers and inadequate services offered to them while incarcerated.Continue reading “How Gender Impacts a Woman’s Time Incarcerated”