Beyonce’s Journey to Feminism and Womanhood Through Lemonade

by Savita ChamplinBeyonce has been a figure in society for many years. She became famous in her Destiny’s Child days and remained a star, but she was only known for being a talented singer and dancer with little depth to her character. Almost 20 years after this, she released the film Lemonade. This is whenContinue reading “Beyonce’s Journey to Feminism and Womanhood Through Lemonade”

Dear Others, Stop Telling Me What to Wear: “My Little Black Dress Doesn’t Mean Yes.”

by: Catherine Zhang Dear Mom, When you pulled me aside yesterday as I left for school and told me that my V-neck sweater was too low, you spoke to me that my identity only existed in the sphere of how much I displayed my body. You, who told me everyday of my life how perfectContinue reading “Dear Others, Stop Telling Me What to Wear: “My Little Black Dress Doesn’t Mean Yes.””

The Power of Art: Oneness in Trauma

By Taggert Smith Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts of Desire is a brilliant one-woman play, in which Raffo portrays nine different Iraqi women she’s interviewed in an interwoven series of scenes. While initially seeming an odd choice, it is through this form that the play develops one of its core themes–the ability of the artist toContinue reading “The Power of Art: Oneness in Trauma”

Using the Lens of Injustice to See Greater Systemic Issues

by: Brooke Lee How do the ways in which prisons are run reflect the gender inequalities in the world we live in right now? Angela Y. Davis goes into extreme depth about the flaws in the United State’s prison system and how feminism has served as a tool to be able to become aware ofContinue reading “Using the Lens of Injustice to See Greater Systemic Issues”

The Right to Bare: Who Are We to Judge if a Woman Goes Topless?

by Jenna Thrasher September 11, 2020 During Thursday’s class, we spent some time analyzing a Steve Sack cartoon for the Star Tribune, titled “Police lineup, toplessness” edition. In the cartoon, an older woman is looking at topless suspects, with a police officer asking her, “Can you identify the nipples that offended you?” In a worldContinue reading “The Right to Bare: Who Are We to Judge if a Woman Goes Topless?”

“Free the Nipple”: An Equality Issue?

by Hannah Sweet The Star Tribune’s editorial board said it best, “To say men’s chests are acceptable in a way that women’s are not is an offense to logic, to equality.” Women have nipples and men have nipples. Women have breasts and even some men have breasts, yet only one of their bodies is regulatedContinue reading ““Free the Nipple”: An Equality Issue?”