The Modern Faces of Lysistrata

An art piece of Lysistrata By: Catherine Zhang Lysistrata, an Ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, accounts for Lysistrata (an Ancient Greek woman) trying to stop the Peloponnesian War by uniting all the Greek women under the oath that they deny all men the right to have sex with them unless they create a peace treaty.Continue reading “The Modern Faces of Lysistrata”

Nine Parts of Desire: Nine Portrayals of War and Violence by Women

Nine Parts of Desire highlights the lives of nine women as they fight back against traditional expectations set in a rapidly changing political climate. The play is set during the US-Iraqi war, so the background of the stories of these women is suffering, death, prayer, uncertainty, violence, and political turmoil.  Layal was a famous painterContinue reading “Nine Parts of Desire: Nine Portrayals of War and Violence by Women”

The Power of Art: Oneness in Trauma

By Taggert Smith Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts of Desire is a brilliant one-woman play, in which Raffo portrays nine different Iraqi women she’s interviewed in an interwoven series of scenes. While initially seeming an odd choice, it is through this form that the play develops one of its core themes–the ability of the artist toContinue reading “The Power of Art: Oneness in Trauma”

Plays are Not Meant to be Read in Silence

Due to my five years of studying Latin, I was able to read lots of plays, stories, and jokes in Latin. Although very engaging and entertaining to read, the full power of these texts were lost due to Latin being a language which is never spoken anymore. We would only read aloud our English translationsContinue reading “Plays are Not Meant to be Read in Silence”