Nine Parts of Desire: Nine Portrayals of War and Violence by Women

Nine Parts of Desire highlights the lives of nine women as they fight back against traditional expectations set in a rapidly changing political climate. The play is set during the US-Iraqi war, so the background of the stories of these women is suffering, death, prayer, uncertainty, violence, and political turmoil.  Layal was a famous painterContinue reading “Nine Parts of Desire: Nine Portrayals of War and Violence by Women”

Feminism and Abolition: A Roadmap of the History and Terminology of Angela Davis’s Speech

Here is some background on Davis’s speech through terms, history, and statistics to help your reading and understanding of this longer text.

Women in the Perspective of Coventry Patmore: Passive and Pure

“The Angel in the House” created the standard for women’s behavior in the Victorian era (mid 1800s-1900s) by men, for their own pleasure and benefit. The title of the poem came to describe the domesticated and submissive woman that men craved during that era.