Big Boys Cry (Even in Prison)

by: Alana Foster-Smith I haven’t seen my dad cry. I haven’t seen either of my brothers cry. I was brought up to think that this was completely normal. But after watching The Work, I was forced to revisit what had become normal in my life. The stereotype that “big boys don’t cry” had seeped itselfContinue reading “Big Boys Cry (Even in Prison)”

How Gender Impacts a Woman’s Time Incarcerated

Roughly 213,000 women and girls and roughly 2 million men and boys are imprisoned in the US. During their incarceration, women often have a very different experience than men do. This is due to a number of factors, most of which stem from their roles as mothers and inadequate services offered to them while incarcerated.Continue reading “How Gender Impacts a Woman’s Time Incarcerated”