Social Structure within Prisons: The Realities of Racial Relations

by: Kate KasicaWhile watching The Work, directed by Jairus McLeary, I was struck by how the environment created within the documentary seemed completely separate from any external pressures or norms. There are no physical or socially constructed divides, allowing inmates and visitors to form meaningful connections with one another. This support system also crosses racialContinue reading “Social Structure within Prisons: The Realities of Racial Relations”

Big Boys Cry (Even in Prison)

by: Alana Foster-Smith I haven’t seen my dad cry. I haven’t seen either of my brothers cry. I was brought up to think that this was completely normal. But after watching The Work, I was forced to revisit what had become normal in my life. The stereotype that “big boys don’t cry” had seeped itselfContinue reading “Big Boys Cry (Even in Prison)”

The Effects of Emotional Support Groups within Prison

by Eli Daniel The Work, a documentary by Jairus McLeary, highlights the lack of emotional support men receives throughout their lives. The rituals that are the focal point of The Work are centered around the idea of a safe space and support group for the emotional distraught individuals participating. An idea that is common toContinue reading “The Effects of Emotional Support Groups within Prison”

Behind the Bars

by: Grace Homan What do you picture when you think of a femxle prison? What do you picture when you think of male prison? In class, we tried this experiment. Associations with men’s prisons included violence toward each other, tattoos, gangs, kidnappings, etc. For womxn’s prisons, associations were made with shopping-related crimes, less violence thanContinue reading “Behind the Bars”