From Courtier to Modern Man: Snapshots of Gender Roles throughout Time

By Daria Haner We can all agree that Western gender roles have changed vastly from generation to generation– from the proper Victorian lady of the house, to the stereotypical 1950s housewife, to the working woman today. However, I would like to explore how masculinity has developed over the generations, specifically in Europe and the UnitedContinue reading “From Courtier to Modern Man: Snapshots of Gender Roles throughout Time”

Lysistrata and Fighting For Our Voices

By Samrat Pradhan Today in class, our reading circle group read the play Lysistrata out loud. Written in 411 BCE, the play follows Greek women who are fed up with the senseless destruction caused by the Peloponnesian War. To get the Greek men to end the war, the women stage a strike to stop havingContinue reading “Lysistrata and Fighting For Our Voices”

Leda and The Swan: Change is Happening

By Samrat Pradhan When reading WB Yeats’ poem on Leda and the Swan, what fascinated me most was that, in the early 20th century, his writing was considered a new revelatory way of thinking about this fable. While the story itself had not changed and was always very morally dubious, it was before, thought of,Continue reading “Leda and The Swan: Change is Happening”