Rape as a Product of War; How Women Become the Second Battlefield

Although Lynn Nottage’s Ruined brings up the conversation of rape in the context of war, it only offers the effects of this issue and fails to discuss the causes. Rape was considered an inevitable part of war; it’s something that was unfortunate, to say the least, but unavoidable. After reading Ruined, I’m left with oneContinue reading “Rape as a Product of War; How Women Become the Second Battlefield”

Leda and The Swan: Change is Happening

By Samrat Pradhan When reading WB Yeats’ poem on Leda and the Swan, what fascinated me most was that, in the early 20th century, his writing was considered a new revelatory way of thinking about this fable. While the story itself had not changed and was always very morally dubious, it was before, thought of,Continue reading “Leda and The Swan: Change is Happening”