How feminist art works to dismantle patriarchal beliefs

by Jackie Weyerhaeuser Artworks typically classified as “feminist” have sparked profound conversations about the established patriarchy and how we challenge its established norms.  Hahn/Cock does so in multiple ways. The way the rooster poses (in a large and imposing manner) implies the power men hold in society. Since it is literally placed on a pedestal, itContinue reading “How feminist art works to dismantle patriarchal beliefs”

Bring Down the Cockrel: How to Dismantle Toxic Masculinity?

The Hahn/Cock by Katharina Fritsch in Trafalgar Square in London, among statues of prominent men in English history. By Taggert Smith September 14, 2020 In our class discussion of the shared terminology we will be using in this course, among concepts like feminism and the patriarchy, the term “toxic masculinity,” with its various associations andContinue reading “Bring Down the Cockrel: How to Dismantle Toxic Masculinity?”