Silence: the Loudest Voice

Silence. The one word that once said, disappears. For many, there is peace in silence. It’s a place of serenity where one is left to their own thoughts and are given time to reflect. It can be an avenue to practice mindfulness and meditation. Yet, silence is also a defense mechanism; a method to processContinue reading “Silence: the Loudest Voice”

Daddy’s Little Girl: Blessing or Curse?

In American culture, the concept of being a “daddy’s girl” or a “mama’s boy” is all too present; I myself have been called daddy’s little girl. More often than not, if a young girl connects with her father and is given special attention from him, she is deemed a daddy’s girl, for many a prizedContinue reading “Daddy’s Little Girl: Blessing or Curse?”

A World Full of Wives

How many novels can you name with a male protagonist? I’m sure you could name plenty, but would you be able to identify the same number of books with a female lead? The answer, at least for me, is no. Through all of my English classes, I can say with full confidence that I haveContinue reading “A World Full of Wives”

#METOO: One of the Many Steps Needed for Equality

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” -Maya Angelou Authors, like Maya Angelou herself, provide us with pieces of literature that give our society an avenue to address the sensitive issues that many people who have experienced either feel unable to share or are not ready to talk about.Continue reading “#METOO: One of the Many Steps Needed for Equality”