The Non-Binary Community: How Literature is Helping

Literature is perhaps one of the most powerful pieces of media in human civilization. It can influence an entire mass of people into thinking or believing a certain idea, but it can also empower writers and readers. This has happened countless time throughout history: Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe empowered abolitionists to fightContinue reading “The Non-Binary Community: How Literature is Helping”

Invention and Sorrow: the role of literature in times of disconnection.

By Nora Cornell • 8 November 2020 “What I was seeing was but a part of the truth and perhaps not even the most important part; beneath these faces, … was power and sorrow, both unadmitted, unrealized, the power of inventors, the sorrow of the disconnected” (90). This line, a near-throwaway about some American tourists,Continue reading “Invention and Sorrow: the role of literature in times of disconnection.”

Rape culture’s long-standing history: Leda, Zeus, and Greek mythology

by: Georgia Pettygrove The term “rape culture” is used often in when discussing sexual assalut and in media and literature, but what does it actually mean?  Simply put, the term “rape culture” describes a societal acceptance of sexual assualt. The United Nations Women’s website’s article on standing up to rape culture describes it as “theContinue reading “Rape culture’s long-standing history: Leda, Zeus, and Greek mythology”

A World Full of Wives

How many novels can you name with a male protagonist? I’m sure you could name plenty, but would you be able to identify the same number of books with a female lead? The answer, at least for me, is no. Through all of my English classes, I can say with full confidence that I haveContinue reading “A World Full of Wives”

#METOO: One of the Many Steps Needed for Equality

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” -Maya Angelou Authors, like Maya Angelou herself, provide us with pieces of literature that give our society an avenue to address the sensitive issues that many people who have experienced either feel unable to share or are not ready to talk about.Continue reading “#METOO: One of the Many Steps Needed for Equality”