The Positive Side of Gender Archetypes

by Anika Hahn What is gender archetype? Loosely defined by Carolyn Zerbe Enns, the gender archetype revolves around the “alpha-beta” model. The male archetype is “alpha”; the “ideal” man is dominant, masculine, and powerful, according to Enns. The female archetype is “beta”; the “ideal” woman is feminine, dainty, and submissive. By applying the “alpha-beta” modelContinue reading “The Positive Side of Gender Archetypes”

Shrinking the Size of a Cock: Actively Fighting Against Sexist Power Structures

By Samrat Pradhan During freshman year, I listened to Sam Gelb’s Senior Speech about a class project in which he had to write a report on a non-white male scientist. He argued that by excluding white men in that project, Blake was actively delegitimizing the accomplishments of people. He proceeded to argue that by constantlyContinue reading “Shrinking the Size of a Cock: Actively Fighting Against Sexist Power Structures”

Is There A Spectrum? Gender Identity in Our World Today

by: Charlotte Chute On Friday, our class discussed how gender norms and terminology have evolved over the course of the development of society. We read texts correlated to the Indigenous world of gender terminology, and immersed ourselves in eye opening conversations about society historically and society today. We first began to educate ourselves on theContinue reading “Is There A Spectrum? Gender Identity in Our World Today”

A World Full of Wives

How many novels can you name with a male protagonist? I’m sure you could name plenty, but would you be able to identify the same number of books with a female lead? The answer, at least for me, is no. Through all of my English classes, I can say with full confidence that I haveContinue reading “A World Full of Wives”

What Would Our World Look Like Without Gender?

by Ryan Ressemann Many generalizations since the existence of men and women have been made about the two. Most of those generalizations seek to separate them from each other by defining what one is allowed to do and what one is not allowed to do. Both “Gender is not a Spectrum” by Rebecca Reilly-Cooper, andContinue reading “What Would Our World Look Like Without Gender?”

Not as many feathers: Paglia, Leda, and the women of today.

Nora Cornell • September 22, 2020 Camille Paglia’s essay on Yeats’ “Leda and the Swan” is a masterclass in both interpretation and extrapolation; her breadth of analysis gives the poem a deeper meaning, and scattered literary allusions twist her writing into a criticism of the larger Western canon. At first, it feels strange to handleContinue reading “Not as many feathers: Paglia, Leda, and the women of today.”

Why We Need Gender Labels

Rebecca Reilly-Cooper writes, “The solution to an oppressive system that puts people into pink and blue boxes is not to create more and more boxes that are any colour but blue or pink. The solution is to tear down the boxes altogether.” Many people like to think that a world without gender, or gender labels,Continue reading “Why We Need Gender Labels”

How feminist art works to dismantle patriarchal beliefs

by Jackie Weyerhaeuser Artworks typically classified as “feminist” have sparked profound conversations about the established patriarchy and how we challenge its established norms.  Hahn/Cock does so in multiple ways. The way the rooster poses (in a large and imposing manner) implies the power men hold in society. Since it is literally placed on a pedestal, itContinue reading “How feminist art works to dismantle patriarchal beliefs”