by Lily Liu The Star Tribune‘s “A stand for dignity on public beaches” focuses on the ordinance of the Minneapolis Park Board preventing women from going topless in local parks. The editorial’s criticisms pose the question of what differentiates breasts on a woman to those of a man- so much so that the ordinance neededContinue reading “#FreeThe███”

Lysistrata and Fighting For Our Voices

By Samrat Pradhan Today in class, our reading circle group read the play Lysistrata out loud. Written in 411 BCE, the play follows Greek women who are fed up with the senseless destruction caused by the Peloponnesian War. To get the Greek men to end the war, the women stage a strike to stop havingContinue reading “Lysistrata and Fighting For Our Voices”

No, My favorite color is not pink

By Zoe Feldshon Do you ever wonder who you would be if you weren’t raised with the constant connotation that you are a boy or girl and nothing in between? I remember when I was younger and my room having pink walls, pink bedding, and a pink dresser. I grew up in a family ofContinue reading “No, My favorite color is not pink”

How Gender Impacts a Woman’s Time Incarcerated

Roughly 213,000 women and girls and roughly 2 million men and boys are imprisoned in the US. During their incarceration, women often have a very different experience than men do. This is due to a number of factors, most of which stem from their roles as mothers and inadequate services offered to them while incarcerated.Continue reading “How Gender Impacts a Woman’s Time Incarcerated”

Fanaticism—the Malignant Inflexibility of our Cultural Beliefs

By Taggert Smith Our discussion of Hanif Kureishi’s short story “My Son the Fanatic” spanned a wide range of topics, but by the end came to focus on the question of who was in the right—Parvez or his “fanatical” son Ali. To my view the tragic emotional divide of father and son implicates a cancerousContinue reading “Fanaticism—the Malignant Inflexibility of our Cultural Beliefs”

The Positive Side of Gender Archetypes

by Anika Hahn What is gender archetype? Loosely defined by Carolyn Zerbe Enns, the gender archetype revolves around the “alpha-beta” model. The male archetype is “alpha”; the “ideal” man is dominant, masculine, and powerful, according to Enns. The female archetype is “beta”; the “ideal” woman is feminine, dainty, and submissive. By applying the “alpha-beta” modelContinue reading “The Positive Side of Gender Archetypes”

Is There A Spectrum? Gender Identity in Our World Today

by: Charlotte Chute On Friday, our class discussed how gender norms and terminology have evolved over the course of the development of society. We read texts correlated to the Indigenous world of gender terminology, and immersed ourselves in eye opening conversations about society historically and society today. We first began to educate ourselves on theContinue reading “Is There A Spectrum? Gender Identity in Our World Today”

The Right to Bare: Who Are We to Judge if a Woman Goes Topless?

by Jenna Thrasher September 11, 2020 During Thursday’s class, we spent some time analyzing a Steve Sack cartoon for the Star Tribune, titled “Police lineup, toplessness” edition. In the cartoon, an older woman is looking at topless suspects, with a police officer asking her, “Can you identify the nipples that offended you?” In a worldContinue reading “The Right to Bare: Who Are We to Judge if a Woman Goes Topless?”

#METOO: One of the Many Steps Needed for Equality

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.” -Maya Angelou Authors, like Maya Angelou herself, provide us with pieces of literature that give our society an avenue to address the sensitive issues that many people who have experienced either feel unable to share or are not ready to talk about.Continue reading “#METOO: One of the Many Steps Needed for Equality”